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Tanner Designer

Tanner Designer – the solution for analog verification management
Design teams create and verify blocks that together comprise the system or product that they will bring to market. Over the product development cycle, there can be thousands of simulation runs. Designers need to know if their design blocks have been completely verified and meet specifications, system designers need to verify that the blocks all work together and project managers need a method to understand the verification status of each block and the entire system. Without a tool to help them, the team can be overwhelmed with analog verification results, to the point that they have little confidence that the blocks have been completely verified.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Track and aggregate all simulation measurements for a project
  • Incrementally customize as the project progresses
  •   Launch and rerun specified simulations
  •   Group or sort results and launch specific simulations
  •   Generate custom reports for team members via CSV, HTML, ReqTracer, LibreOffice or Excel
  •   Build documentation from reports
  • A single dashboard shows all team members passing/failing specifications for all simulations
  • Integrated into the Tanner design flow
  • Supports AFS, Eldo and T-Spice simulators
  • No proprietary languages to learn
  •   Minimal setup
  •   Easily start with existing simulation results
  • Platform independence on Windows® or Linux®

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