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L-Edit increases your productivity by reading and writing directly to an OpenAccess database, enabling you to share designs with third-party tools. Work in teams with multi-user support that can implicitly lock a cell then you start editing and then release it when the window is closed. Save time by using foundry-provided files directly, allowing you to avoid having to set up technology information manually. Maximize efficiency with L-Edit’s physical design features, reduce your CAD manager’s support burden, and get up and running easily with platform independence and flexible licensing.

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Features and Benefits:

  •  Complete hierarchical physical layout including all-angle and curved polygons
  • Fast rendering
  • Reads and writes OpenAccess with multi-user support
  • Schematic Driven Layout (SDL) that imports netlists and automatically generates parameterized cells and instances them into your design • Import technology and display files from other environments
  • Integration with Calibre® and Calibre RealTime
  • Cross-probe between schematic, layout, and LVS report to highlight nets or devices
  • Node highlighting for connectivity visualization
  • Object snapping (gravity) for quick, accurate layout
  • Increase routing productivity with automated instancing of parameterizedcells, real-time net flylines, net completion tracking, geometry marking/highlighting/ by net and ECO tracking
  • Pad I/O cross reference for easy generation of bonding reports
  • Fully scriptable and expandable using Python or TCL/Tk command languages
  • Platform independence on Windows or Linux
  • Integration with third- party revision control tools
  • Ease of use: Intuitive and quick learning curve
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • Flexible licensing