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The Calibre DESIGNrev platform loads and displays the largest layouts on a typical engineering workstation in seconds. Incremental loading capability provides a scalable solution that is less dependent on I/O, and more efficient for multi-site collaboration.
Rapid rendering delivers rapid zoom/pan visibility. Set individual layer characteristics for customized viewing needs.

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  • Enable/disable individual layer visibility.
  • Enable/disable individual layer selectibility.
  • Set custom layer color, fill pattern, and line width.
  • Sort layer list by name, context, and other options.

Features and Benefits

  •  Complete chip finishing platform
  • Lightning-fast and easily customizable chip assembly process
  • Accurate, fast debugging for the most complex designs
  • Tight integration with the Calibre platform provides a full range of signoff-quality verification features
  • Rapid layout review handles the largest files with ease
  • Fast and easy navigation for viewing/zooming/panning layouts
  • Express drawing engine
  • Extremely fast database merge with minimal memory
  • Loads massive files in seconds on typical workstations
  • Fast, flexible overlay and compare functionality
  • Fast layout viewer integrated with lithography simulators and editors supports GDSII and fracture formats Full range of advanced debugging capabilities