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However complex the rule deck, the Calibre RVE interface can handle it. Even with millions of error results, the Calibre RVE environment provides fast navigation through the layout, while its filtering capability allows you to focus on analyzing and fixing critical errors first. The tabbed viewing format enables you to easily organize data by tiling the display windows side by side. And, because the Calibre RVE interface is designed with a low-memory footprint, you can run it on the same machine you use for your design environment.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Universal integration with layout environments: Using the Calibre RVE interface minimizes training and support overhead, and provides a single, consistent interface across all your design tools.
  • Fast debugging time for cell, block and full-chip designs: Whether you have 10 or 106 errors, the Calibre RVE interface provides fast response time with minimal memory overhead
  • Single platform for all Calibre results: The Calibre RVE interface provides results debugging across the entire Calibre product line, giving you a single interface to learn and support for all your Calibre tools.
  • Reliability: With thousands of users worldwide, the Calibre RVE interface sets the standard for debug reliability and accuracy.
  • Schematics: Visualizing the intended connectivity of the source schematic against the connectivity realized in the layout greatly speeds resolution of LVS errors.
  • Short isolation: Identifying a short and quickly verifying a virtual fix interactively significantly improves designers’ productivity .