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The Calibre 3DSTACK tool extends Calibre die-level signoff verification to enable complete signoff verification of a wide variety of 2.5D and 3D stacked die assemblies. With Calibre 3DSTACK, designers can perform signoff DRC and LVS checking of complete multi-die systems at any process node without breaking current tool flows or requiring new data formats, significantly reducing time to tapeout.

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Features and Benefits:

  •  No new Calibre licenses or tools required
  • Accurate DRC and LVS signoff verification of 2.5D and 3D assemblies
  • Applicable to virtually any stacked design configuration
  • Ensures signoff Calibre verification while reducing time-to-tapeout Features
  • Supports all types of stacked designs, including interposers, stacked memory, front-to-back TSV configurations, package-level routing, and more
  • Supports multi-process configurations without the need for foundry-specific process rule files• Enables connectivity tracing of passive interposers to identify shorts or opens
  • Provides system netlist generator tool for creation of assembly source netlists or full assembly extracted netlists
  • Extends existing Calibre licenses
  • Included in TSMC CoWoS and InFO reference flows