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Designers adopt Design for Manufacturing (DFM) techniques with the goal of improving design robustness, product reliability, and manufacturing yield. For any DFM recommendation to be of value to designers, it must provide an accurate prediction of how a particular design will manufacture under various expected sets of process conditions. This predictive capability requires an awareness of the process window at all stages of the design flow.

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The Calibre® LFD™ design checking tool performs three important tasks: 

  • Gathers data about how the design will print at a range of conditions (such as dose, focus, and mask bias), not just at the optimal settings.
  • Predicts specific failures or potential yield inhibitors. 
  • Assigns a manufacturability score to each portion of the design, reflective of how well that portion will manufacture given the specific process window.

Features and Benefits:

  •  Improves design robustness, product reliability, and manufacturing yield
  • Minimizes feature variability and sensitivity to manufacturing process variations.
  • Results are presented in user-friendly DRC-style that can be classified and sorted within the
  • design environment.
  • Model-based hints and results comments guide designers through layout improvements.
  • Part of the Calibre Design for Manufacturing solution, which also includes analysis, enhancement, and diagnostics for design, manufacturing, and test areas.
  • Lithography effects are simulated using product-proven RET recipes and process models.
  • Foundry-supplied LFD process kit predicts and captures areas of potential design failure related to manufacturing process conditions.
  • Identifies issues and provides fixing hints to the designer for optimized layout modifications.
  • DVI data helps designers choose the layout configuration that is most robust against process variation.
  • Easily integrated into the design flow for interactive and iterative processes.
  • Fully integrated with the Calibre platform, popular layout environments, and industry-standard