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Calibre xL offers unprecedented flexibility through selected net extraction, automatic and customizable selection of the return path, net-by-net base frequency selection, and single run multiple frequency inductance extraction, with no need for calibration. Calibre xL has the performance to handle full-chip extraction for microprocessor designs, and the accuracy for analog/RF designs.

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Features and Benefits

  • Full-chip, high-performance, parasitic inductance extraction provides highly correlated field solver and silicon tested accuracy for analog, RF, and custom digital nanometer designs
  • Powerful mutual inductance engine enables extraction of the effect of coupling between different nets
  • Parasitic self-inductance extraction integrated with Calibre xRC parasitic RC extraction data enables accurate analysis of high frequency effects in nanometer technology
  • Accurate extraction of frequency dependent loop inductance and resistance ensures optimized modeling of on-chip physical effects
  • Efficient, realizable model order (RLC) reduction provides manageable netlists and mixed level outputs for ease of re-simulation without loss of accuracy
  • Return-path selection and net based extraction frequency selection offers increased flexibility in performance and improved accuracy
  • Seamless invocation, and integration to Calibre LVS, xRC, xACT 3D, and RVE, through Calibre Interactive enables cross-probing and debugging of results in popular layout environments.