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The Calibre YieldAnalyzer tool extends the SVRF language to support complex mathematical models that relate the metrics of a particular design feature to its yield impact. Results are fed to the Calibre RVE user interface for visualization and reporting within the design environment. This visual display helps the designer see through the fog of DFM rule violations and into the prioritized yield impact so the most important issues can be addressed to maximize yield.

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Features and Benefits:

  •  Extends the traditional DRC language, providing manufacturing teams a method of communicating yield and yield modeling information to the design teams.
  • Determines location of the most significant yield improvement opportunities and provides graded yield metrics by issue, cell, window, etc.
  • Assesses the weighted “grayscale” of features that fail to meet recommended rules.
  • Assesses the weighted sensitivity to random particles using critical area analysis.
  • Evaulates both recommended rules and critical area analysis in the same run deck and reviewing environment to understand trade-offs between types of analysis.
  • Runs analysis directly on GDSII, OASIS, MilkyWay, and OpenAccess design databases.
  • Executes and visualizes analysis from within all popular layout environments.
  • Extends the infrastructure for reporting and visualization of these new statistical issues from within the design platform.