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The Calibre Multi-Patterning solution supports all major foundry design and verification methodologies and processes used to implement multi-patterning, while also adding unique tool integrations and debug capabilities that ensure a Calibre signoff-quality clean multi-patterned design. And, because it does all this within the signoff Calibre nmDRC rule deck, your multi-patterning implementation time is minimized, while your productivity is maximized and your time to market optimized.

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy and efficient multi-patterning error debug and correction
  • Industry-leading performance and quality
  • Universal tool integration supports any use model and flow
  • Calibre signoff quality
  • Supports all major foundry multipatterning processes
  • Supports all major multi-patterning design methodologies
  • Seamless coding, execution, and results viewing within the Calibre platform
  • Integrated with all major custom and P&R design and layout editing tools
  • Fully integrated with Calibre RealTime tool for multi-patterning in custom design
  • Fully integrated for automated multi-patterning during P&R
  • Support for manual, automated, and mixed decomposition
  • Innovative multi-patterning error checking and debug
  • Multi-patterning color control through anchoring
  • • Automated density balancing during decomposition
  • • Automated or manual error correction through stitching
  • • Supports colorless and colored design flows