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Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) is one of the most significant and direct effects on chip success. The capability to predict and minimize CMP variation in a design is crucial to achieving your yield goals. Model-based planarity analysis enhances systematic and parametric yield at smaller process nodes by accounting for the changes in thickness and resistance variability caused by decreasing linewidths.

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Features and Benefits

  • Report card guides you to specific check results for quick hotspot and violation analysis
  • Color maps and histograms provide global view of CMP impact on design
  • Automatic fill optimization combines planarity analysis with precise fill optimization to achieve desired results while minimizing fill shapes
  • Tight integration with Calibre xRC™ drives extremely accurate circuit simulations
  • Customized CMP models can be developed in-house using Calibre® WorkBench™
  • Ease of use: Use one menu to set up and execute simulations, analyze results and perform fill and extract operations
  • Cost effective: Use customized simulation models in-house and modify when and as needed
  • Control variability: Minimize fill shapes while still meeting planarity goals
  • Reduce time to market – Combine CMP analysis and automated fill in a single operation to reduce design iterations 
  • Production proven – Fully qualified at TSMC for specific TSMC technology data