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Siemens Veloce is an advanced hardware emulation platform that provides a fast and accurate environment for verifying complex digital designs at the system level. It allows engineers to test their designs in a real-world setting, verifying functionality, performance, and interactions with other system components.
In summary, Siemens Veloce, including ProFPGA Tools, is a state-of-the-art hardware emulation platform designed to verify complex digital designs at the system level. Its key features, including high performance emulation, transaction-based co-modeling, in-circuit emulation, hybrid emulation/prototyping, ProFPGA prototyping tools, VIP support, scalability, advanced debugging, and seamless integration, make it a powerful solution for engineers seeking efficient and accurate system-level verification of their digital designs.

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Features and Benefits:

  • High Performance Emulation: Veloce offers high-performance emulation capabilities, enabling designers to verify large and complex designs efficiently. It leverages a scalable, high-capacity architecture that allows for fast simulation of multi-billion gate designs.
  • Transaction-Based Co-modeling: Veloce supports transaction-based co-modeling, allowing seamless integration of RTL (Register Transfer Level) and C/C++/SystemC models for accurate system-level verification.
  • Accelerated Verification: The platform accelerates verification by enabling users to run real-world test scenarios and complex use cases. It allows for real-time interaction between the design under test (DUT) and the rest of the system.
  • In-Circuit Emulation (ICE): Veloce supports in-circuit emulation, enabling designers to interface the emulator with external hardware or real-world interfaces for more realistic system-level testing.
  • Hybrid Emulation/Prototyping: Veloce combines hardware emulation and prototyping capabilities, allowing designers to leverage both speed and capacity for comprehensive verification.
  • ProFPGA Prototyping Tools: The Veloce platform includes ProFPGA tools, which provide prototyping capabilities. ProFPGA allows engineers to create and verify hardware prototypes at high speeds, offering even faster validation of designs.
  • Verification IP (VIP) Support: Veloce supports a wide range of verification IP (VIP) and interfaces, enabling designers to verify complex designs that interact with various standard protocols and interfaces.
  • Scalability: Veloce offers scalable configurations to match the needs of different projects. It provides a range of emulator models with varying capacities to suit projects of different sizes.
  • Advanced Debugging: The platform includes powerful debugging features that allow engineers to trace signals, view waveforms, and analyze design behavior during simulation.
  • Seamless Integration: Veloce seamlessly integrates with popular EDA tools, making it easy for designers to integrate their existing verification environments into the emulation platform.