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The Siemens Analog FastSPICE Platform (AFS) is a circuit simulation tool designed to handle the demanding requirements of modern analog and mixed-signal designs. It leverages advanced algorithms and parallel processing techniques to deliver fast and accurate simulations for large-scale designs with extensive analog content. The tool is suitable for a wide range of applications, including power management, data converters, RF circuits, and other analog-intensive designs.
Overall, the Siemens Analog FastSPICE Platform (AFS) is a robust and efficient circuit simulation tool tailored for analog and mixed-signal design verification. Its key features, including fast simulation speed, device-level accuracy, comprehensive model support, Monte Carlo analysis, RF circuit verification, parallel processing, and integration with design flows, make it an essential tool for designers seeking to verify and optimize the performance of their analog and mixed-signal designs.

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Features and Benefits:

  • High-Performance Simulation: The AFS platform is known for its exceptional simulation speed, allowing engineers to simulate large and complex analog and mixed-signal circuits with reduced turnaround time. This enables designers to perform extensive “what-if” analyses and explore multiple design scenarios efficiently.
  • Accuracy and Convergence: AFS uses advanced algorithms and numerical techniques to ensure accurate simulation results while maintaining convergence in complex designs. It effectively handles circuits with challenging non-linear and multi-frequency behaviors, delivering reliable simulation outcomes.
  • Device Noise Analysis: The platform supports noise analysis, enabling designers to evaluate and optimize circuit performance in the presence of noise sources. It accurately models noise behavior in transistors, resistors, and other active and passive components, allowing for thorough noise analysis.
  • Monte Carlo and Sensitivity Analysis: AFS offers Monte Carlo analysis and sensitivity analysis capabilities to assess the impact of component variations and process uncertainties on circuit performance. Designers can gain insights into design robustness and identify critical parameters affecting circuit behavior.
  • Verilog-A/AMS Model Support: The platform supports industry-standard Verilog-A/AMS models, allowing users to incorporate accurate and advanced behavioral models into their simulations. This capability enhances simulation accuracy and enables the use of sophisticated models for complex components.
  • System-Level Co-Simulation: AFS provides integration with system-level simulation environments, enabling seamless co-simulation with digital circuits and signal processing algorithms. This allows designers to verify analog/mixed-signal interactions in the context of a larger system.
  • Multi-core and Distributed Computing: The platform leverages multi-core and distributed computing architectures, enabling users to parallelize simulations and take advantage of high-performance computing resources. This significantly reduces simulation time for complex designs.
  • Foundry-Certified Device Models: AFS includes foundry-certified device models, ensuring that designers have access to accurate and reliable models for the latest process technologies. This ensures that the simulations reflect real-world silicon behavior.
  • Customization and Scripting: The platform allows users to customize simulation flows and extend functionalities using scripting languages like Tcl (Tool Command Language). This flexibility streamlines design processes and supports automation.